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DMYF-10A Egg laying block machine

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  • Brand:    Yufeng
  • Type:    DMYF-10A
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1. Breif introduction

1).DMYF-10A has larger productivity than the other small block machines.This kind of brick machine is manufactured on the base of technical modifications to the original block shaping machines,that is changing the former one-time-vibration into twice-vibrations of molding core.So the block density becomes higher,shaping speed quicker and block strength more even.This model of machine can be suitable to the customers who have any kinds of existing cement working sites
2).Advanced techniques made the host machine designed reasonably,and achieved box vibration,hydraulic stripping,omnidirectional automatically movement.DMYF-10Aworks faster because of automatically feeding system.High quality of steel and precision welding made the machine a longer service life and hydraulic system made less fault during work.
3).DMYF-10A has several function features,such as low price,reliable performance,easy operated,stable,lower power consumption(just one sixth power consumption of the machine which has the same output).Mass raw material can be used during production,for concrete,cement,small stone,powder,san,coal gangue,slag,construction waste and so on.

2.Technical parameters

 Overall dimension  3100*1800*2400mm
 Hydraulic method  Mould vibration
 Demould methd  Hydraulic
 Turning method  Hydraulic
 Hydraulic system pressure  16-22MPA
 Excitation frequency  3200Hz
 Total power  16Kw
 Molding cycle  4200KG
 Molding size  1000*860mm
 Molding  10pcs per mould(40*20*20cm)
 Capacity  1200pcs per hour
 Moving method  Automatically move and hydraulic steering
 Excitation way  Three-dimensional box excitation
 Raw material  Crushed stone, sand , cement,dust and coal fly ash,cinder, slag, gangue, gravel, and other industrial wastes


 Item  Size Quantity  Cycle time 



 Hollow block  400*200*200mm  10pcs 20s   12000
 Hollow block  400*150*200mm  12pcs  20s  14000


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