QT6-15 Block Making Machine

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  • Type:    QT6-15
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QT6-15 Automatic Block Making Machine
1.Brief intruduction : 
a)It is a compact oil hydraulic machine according to the standard of international .Many parts from abroad ensure the quality of machine and take fro the power.
b)The vibration system contains platform vibration and mould vibration so the products is very close grained and produced quickly.
c)The novel feeding system gives material exactly and average and assures the products having a high density.
2.Control system: PLC intelligent control. Man-machine interface, controlsystem equipped with complete logic control, production program, malfunction diagnosis system and remote control function. So it doesn’t need a professional person but only need a simple training to the operator.
3.Product scope: It produces various bricks/blocks including color-face bricks(layered material feeding),through-body tiles,lock linkage blocks, road curb bricks, hydraulic blocks、hollow blocks, perforated bricks, and standard bricks etc.
4.Main technical specification

Overall Dimension 8400×1700×2950(mm)
Rated pressure 21MPa
Main vibration form Platform vibration
Cycle Time 15-25 seconds
Vibrating Frequency 2800-4500 rolls/minute
Motors Power 37KW
Pallet Size 950*900(mm)
Raw Materials crushed stone, sand, cement, dust and coal fly ash,
cinder, slag, gangue, gravel, perlite, and other industrial wastes.

5. Production:

 Products  Size  pcs/mould Forming time   Per hour
 Hollow blocks  400*200*200mm  6  15-25s  1100
 Cellular bricks  240*115*90mm  15  15-25s  2500
 Solid bricks  240*115*53mm  36  15-25s  7000

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